The Healing Power of Nature

The Healing Power of Nature

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  1. Physical Benefits

Reduce stress hormone cortisol

Lowers blood pressure

Induce relaxation response


  1. Improve immune functioning

Phytoncides- proactive- moves through body attacking

Increase white blood cells that fight infection

Natural killer cells (NK) activity

Proactive – Kill things that aren’t supposed to be there so that they cannot grow, like cancer cells


  1. Cognitive benefits

Attention restoration- increase ability concentrate

Decrease rumination – which increases attention to task at hand

And simply frontal lobe rest and recharge for better focus and concentration


  1. Social benefits

Social – more empathy

Feel more connected


  1. Emotional benefits

Decrease tension

Anxiety depression

Decrease fatigue

Increase self esteem

Decrease rumination/brooding/negative thinking – Decrease depression and anxiety


People who are not spending time in nature may initially be resistant to the idea, but then they actually look forward to it, and begin to crave it


  • Powerful source of wellness that we don’t pay enough attention to
  • Doesn’t have to be river/forest; If in an urban environment, seek out green space
  • Doesn’t have to be huge amounts of time – 120 minutes/week; 250-300 – great benefits; no additional benefits past 300 minutes
  • Benefits last – not just good in the moment


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