Feeling Good - 35 Proven Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times
Feeling Good - 35 Proven Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times
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Feeling Good - 35 Proven Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times

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You have the power to create your own happiness.

Using simple, doable techniques, Dr. Peggy DeLong shows you how to cultivate joy, even on a difficult day. These 35 proven ways to happiness require little time or energy – and little to no money! When you’re feeling down or lack motivation, you’ll now know what to do to feel good again.

As a psychologist with twenty years of experience helping people with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and loss, Dr. DeLong provides relevant and timely psychological research that demonstrates the proven effectiveness of each technique for feeling good.

Begin your journey toward feeling good now by learning…

  • The #1 factor related to happiness in life and how you can foster it.
  • How to train your brain to effortlessly think more positively.
  • How to use easily accessible objects to boost your mood, anytime and anyplace.
  • Why processing your painful emotions is the key to happiness.
  • You’re a powerful human being in charge of your thoughts and feelings.

Each order comes with a coupon inside the book that the recipient can use for entry into the companion online membership community, Feeling Good with Dr. Peggy, for three free months.

(link for Feeling Good with Dr. Peggy - https://drpeggydelong.thinkific.com/courses/feeling-good-with-dr-peggy)



Book Praise

“You’ve heard me say, ‘The point of a book should be to change your behavior in a meaningful way.’ That is exactly what Peggy’s book does. She provides the ideas, research, and real-life examples. She takes this a step further by providing you with specific actionable steps for you to take and improve your life immediately.” HAL ELROD, International keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation

“Peggy brings conventional wisdom to life in a heartfelt and authentic way. She intertwines deeply personal life stories with science to validate her recommendations for ways to take control of one's own joy. You will feel empowered and optimistic letting Peggy's words, delivered with kindness and compassion, wash over you.” JULIE KAHN, Associate Partner & Executive Recruiter, JUEL Consulting

“Dr. DeLong’s empathic heart, crystalline memories, intellect, sincere gratitude, and ingenuity all burst forth from this profoundly engaging and helpful book. It has something for everyone, especially parents who could open to any page for immediate improvement in their own family experiences.” KRISTEN HENDERSON, MFA, MSW, poet and author of Drum Machine and Of My Maiden Smoking

“Dr. Peggy Doherty DeLong has created something utterly amazing; a self-help guide that not only tells you what to do, but also why it matters, why it works, and inspires you to do it. The 35 brief chapters in ‘FEELING GOOD: 35 Proven Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times’ are recommendations backed up in scientific research, and they are stories from her own life and experience that inspire the reader to understanding and action. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Then reading it again when they’re not. It’s an entertaining and inspiring guide to help each of us rewire our brains for joy.” LYLE SMITH

“’You are a powerful human being.’ Dr. Peggy Delong reminds us of this essential truth about ourselves in her new book. Believing in this truth is especially important in the most challenging times of our lives. With helpful and science-backed tips from her childhood and her practice (and now, pandemic-tested too!), let Dr. Peggy empower you to live your best life with joy!” SHA NACINO, Keynote Speaker on Gratitude & Creativity, Founder, World Gratitude Summit™

“Dr. DeLong personifies someone who exudes joy, happiness, and a sense of mental well-being. It’s easy to assume her special glow is the result of being lucky or having a privileged life. However, Dr. DeLong has met her fair share of challenges and losses. In her latest book, Feeling Good, she lets us in on her secrets to living a happy life. By sharing her personal stories along with the latest scientific research, Dr. DeLong lays out the special tools we need to create the life we all long for—one filled with purpose, happiness, and fulfillment.” DR. ROBI LUDWIG, TV personality, Author, and Psychotherapist

“’Life isn’t fair.’ What a way to start a book! At a time when it’s become cool to complain or “win the internet” with sarcasm and snark, Dr. Peggy’s book brings readers back to a fundamental truth: Life happens, and you can be happy as it does. Her message is a joyful call for responsibility and transformation that will make you smile and that keeps delivering with practical steps the world needs right now.” SARAH WALTON, Business Mentor, Author & Speaker, the voice behind the Game On Girlfriend Podcast

“Dr. Peggy DeLong’s book is chock full of useful ideas immediately accessible to anyone interested in adding happiness to their life. Peggy’s stories make it relatable, interesting, and fun—and it’s all backed by research. In short, it’s a roadmap to joy.” JENNY MEYER COLMAN, MD, Psychiatrist, Bard and Marist Colleges

“Expect a feeling of deep satisfaction after reading Dr. Peggy DeLong’s new book, Feeling Good. It addresses universal emotional challenges with a personal voice that makes you feel like she’s sitting with you at your kitchen table. This gem of a book offers “Take Action” accessible guides at the end of each well-crafted chapter, all in the name of finding happiness.” JULIE MALONEY, Award-winning author and founder/director of Women Reading Aloud, an international writing organization

“Step-by-step, Dr. Peggy Doherty DeLong walks her readers through ways to cultivate happiness. She explains everything from exercising during the pandemic to the power of forgiveness. The suggestions in-between are practical, soulful, and life-affirming. This is a simple, yet profound book about fostering happiness.” MEGAN MCDOWELL, MSW, LPC, Founder/Visionary of Heartworks Foundation

“Dr. Peggy DeLong’s newest book illuminates a comprehensive guide for joyful practice, movement, connection, and mindfulness in everyday life. As a mother, friend, nature photographer, and animal rescuer, I can attest that Feeling Good is a gift to anyone searching for practical, easy steps to support and ignite happiness awareness and activity.” KRISTEN ESCALANTE, Former CEO Heartworks OC and owner of Mindfully Focused Photography

“Dr. Peggy DeLong’s new book came along at just the right time! In these challenging times, Dr. Peggy’s wisdom, humor, and guidance was my saving grace on many days. The inspirational quotes and action items will lead you to happiness and help you find joy in life, no matter your challenges. Brava!” SUSAN STRIANO, LCSW, Adjunct Professor and Social Work Manager

“Dr. Peggy DeLong has done it again! In her third book, Feeling Good, Dr. Peggy shares heartfelt family experiences—along with years of clinical and research-based practices—all within one real-world, take-control book. She provides valuable, research-based techniques that will allow you to begin your journey of genuine joy, contentment, and gratitude. You’ll feel empowered, resilient, and yes, happy.” REESA WEINGOLD, PhD, LPC, Certified School Psychologist

“In Feeling Good, Dr. Peggy DeLong truly meets you wherever you are, empowering individuals from any background or circumstance to live a more joyful life. She elevates concepts of creating more happiness by guiding readers to apply her suggestions in their own lives and easily take action. Reading Dr. DeLong’s book feels like the sigh of relief that comes after chatting with a wise, supportive friend.” KELLY MCFADDEN, Mindset Coach

“After my fourteenth appointment of the week as a Career and Life Coach, I felt completely drained and did something coaches should never do—I got short with my client! I immediately apologized, but he said he barely noticed my curtness. After the appointment, I started berating myself. Then I opened Feeling Good to a random page and landed on Chapter 6—Listen to Music! Singing and dancing to Pharrell’s song, “Happy” for five minutes got me back to helping clients and being present for them no matter what. Thank you Dr. DeLong for creating this handy tool to keep my spirits high and my purpose alive and well.” AMY AMES, CPCC, Career and Life Coach