7 Daily Practices for Mental Health

7 Daily Practices for Happiness

I often receive the question, “What do you do to be so happy?” Here are 7 that I do every day.

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  1. Allow myself to feel painful emotions (Ch. 17 Allow Yourself to Feel Unwanted and Painful Emotions)
  • There is no such thing as a “negative” emotion. All feelings are valid and need to be felt, expressed, and regulated so that you control your emotions and they do not control you.
  • When we do not allow ourselves to feel, we become numb. Then we unwittingly numb ourselves to joy.


  1. Get Outside in Nature (Ch. 2 Get Outside in Nature)
  • Social benefits
  • Physical benefits
  • Emotional benefits
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Immune functioning benefits


  1. Exaggerate the Good/find things to be grateful for (Ch. 27 Develop a Gratitude Mindset)
  • Notice and pay attention to simple things that bring you joy and exaggerate them
  • It starts as focused intention, and then your brain starts to do the rest for you as new neural pathways are formed when you do this on a regular basis
  • Seek it out. Look for simple things and exaggerate or highlight in the beginning, if necessary.


  1. Get adequate sleep (Ch. 29 Practice Self-Care)
  • Pick a schedule that works for you
  • Sleep is related to mood, mental health, frustration tolerance, ability to concentrate and pay attention


  1. Don’t take things personally (Ch. 19 Don’t Take Things Personally)
  • Acknowledge that for most people, it is a daily practice
  • What other people say and do is not about you
  • Read the chapter Don’t Take Anything Personally in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


  1. Be creative (Ch. 4 Be Creative)
  • Being creative helps to induce relaxation
  • Could take on a different form every day
  • Crafts with a repetitive motion help to achieve a meditative state
  • Think about what brought you joy in childhood
  • Keep it simple


  1. Connect with people (Ch. 8 Connect with People)
  • The quality of our relationships is the #1 predictor of happiness
  • All relationships matter (partner, friends, family, coworkers, strangers)
  • All connection matters. There’s no such thing as “small talk.”

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