4 Ways to Elevate Mood

When you’re feeling down, or low in energy, here are four simple things that you can do to feel good that do not take much time or energy.
1. Celebrate your gains and positive behavior.
Keep it simple. What have you overcome in your past? What kind act did you engage in? What progress have you made toward a goal? You do not need to have achieved a goal in order to feel good. You can feel good along the way. (More about this in Chapter 32 – Focus On How Far You’ve Come, Not On How Far You Have to Go)
2. Visualize a peaceful scene. Our brains cannot tell the difference between living an event, and imagining an event. You can take advantage of this by imagining your peaceful scene to help induce a sense of peace and calm, and to elevate joy. (More in Chapter 24 – Use Your Imagination)
3. Who do you love? Thinking about a special person in your life helps to elevate joy. What is special about this person? What is a special memory or experience you share? You could take this a step further and call this person right now, or write a letter. (More in Chapter 8 – Connect with People).
4. What are you grateful for? Thinking about what you are grateful for is the easiest way to boost your mood and shift your energy. You can feel your spirits lift, and feel lighter. Once again, keep it simple. Did you take a nice warm shower this morning? Did you have a roof over your head last night? Simply think of one thing, in full detail. Really connect with it, and feel the gratitude, rather than rattling off a long list of things. Gratitude helps us to feel good in the moment, and when practiced regularly, has long-term benefits for mental health and well-being. (More in Chapter 27 – Develop a Gratitude Mindset).
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