10 Ways To Generate Joy

You know what’s gonna make you feel better, but you don’t feel like doing it.
You might be thinking, “I know I’ll feel better if I just go for a walk, but I feel so crummy that I don’t want to do anything.”
You may even have had trouble getting out of bed today.
So often we hear about ways of feeling good, but we don’t have the time or energy to actually DO them!
But that’s when we need it the most!
When I wrote my book, FEELING Good: 35 Proven Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times, I incorporated this research into the ideas for you. So you can see how and why they’re effective. How they relate to the ways our brains work. Why and how the simplest things bring us JOY and make us FEEL Good!
We’re talking about these simple ideas in the month of November in the online membership program that goes along with the book.
I’d like to share ten ideas with you. If you’re interested in more, and diving in a bit more – like putting these into action, and WHY they’re effective based on what’s happening in your brain, join us in the membership 🙂
You can join for $29/month, or join for 3 months for FREE with the purchase of the paperback book. That’s less than $25 for three months of FREE membership.
November – dedicated to simple methods of cultivating joy in your life and FEELING Good, even on a difficult day. Especially on a difficult day.
You’ll receive weekly emails of lessons, and we also have a monthly meeting for connection and going over the material. It’s always the third Thursday of the month at 12:15. So this month, that’s 11/18/21.
Come join the FEELING Good movement. It’s time for joy. It’s time for FEELING Good!
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